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GP Dermatology

Dermatologist at Work

The best care

Your primary care provider (MD or NP) referral is required for this specialized service rendered by one of our family physicians who has special skills, knowledge, training, experiences and interest in dermatology.

Dr JP Kabongo who holds a post graduate Diploma in Advanced Dermatology form the University of South Wales,UK.

Who renders services

Dr JP Kabongo MD CCFP, DTM & H

  • extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in dealing with soft tissue injuries.

  • Holds higher Diploma in Orthopedic surgery form the South African College of Medicine/ Surgery

  • Completed 1st year in Occupational Medicine program at the University of Alberta

  • Certified Independent Examiner    by the American Board of independent medical examiner (ABIMG)

  • Holds post graduate Diploma in Dermatology from the University of South Wales, UK

  • Worked as GP consultant of ICBC, receiving referrals form complicated/ complex ICBC cases from other family physicians

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