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Nursing Foot Care


What is Nursing Foot Care?

Simply put, it is an assessment and care of your feet done by a professionally trained and certified nurse.

Many people experience painful foot conditions which need professional and regular nursing foot care to evade further complications.

Our Services include 

  • Feet assessment

  • Feet Cleansing

  • Nails Care

  • Corns & Callouses Treatment

  • Warts Treatment

  • Bunion Management

  • In-Grown Toe Nails Management

  • Feet Moisturization

  • Feet Wound Care

  • Education of Self Footcare

Who Needs Foot Care?

  • Diabetic People

  • Seniors

  • Immobile people

  • Those with impaired vision, and coordination

  • Athletes

  • Bunions sufferers

  • Arthritis sufferers

  • Children

  • Expecting mothers

  • Ingrown nails sufferers

  • Plantar fasciitis sufferers

  • Anyone who cannot take care of their own feet, or anyone willing to have foot care

How is Nursing foot care provided?

Foot care nurse uses sterilized instruments in compliance with federal guidelines.

Why is Nursing foot care provided?

Nursing foot care is safe and non-invasive, beneficial and promotes comfort, Prevent complications

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