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Foot Care

Simply put, it is an assessment and care of your feet done by professional trained and certified nurse.

Our Services include 

Family Medicine

This is a comprehensive, holistic and tailored care and management of all aspects of health affecting our patient population.

This is comprised but not limited to the management of chronic disease such as HPT, DM, Asthma, HPT...

We also manage day- to- day nitty and gritty of family medicine such as cold, flu, missed contraception ...

Where appropriate, we will inform and refer you to a relevant specialist.

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Occupational Medicine

What is it?

It is the prevention and/ or management of conditions/ diseases that can arise and or affect workers during  their work.


The condition can be acute or incidious ie evolving over time.

How and who can benefit from it?

  1. Workers

  2. Employers

How do we work?

We are a team of healthcare workers made of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists...


In case of an acute injury, we will provide you with a same day appointment for wound care, suturing, administration of a tétanos injection, antibiotics (if needed), and follow ups...


If a client/ patient requires services that we do not have, we will refer accordingly.

Our Services
  • Pre employment  investigations/ assessment

  • Periodic health assessment

  • Drivers medical exam

  • IME: Independent Medical Examinations

  • ICBC cases (road accidents exams)

  • WCB cases ( injuries at work)

  • Administrative work inherent to WCB/ ICBC cases

(form filling, communication  with work compensation board...)

  • Follow up visits and patient accommodations ( based on alternative duties offered by the company)

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