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Our Services

Family Medicine

This is a comprehensive, holistic and tailored care and management of all aspects of health affecting our patient population.

Medical Record Analysis
Occupational Medicine

Simply put, it is the prevention and/ or management of conditions/ diseases that can arise and affect workers during his/her work.

The condition can be acute injury or incidicous

Kid Getting Vaccinated
Children Immunizations

This is in conformity with BC extended program of vaccination that is entirely covered by the province.

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman
Women Health

This service is almost entirely leaded by our very dedicated nurse practitioner.

Among others services, we offer:

  • Prenatal consultations

  • Female cancer prevention

  • General primary care gynaecology



Dermatologist at Work
GP Dermatology

Your primary care provider (MD or NP) referral is required for this specialized service rendered by one of our family physicians who has special skills, knowledge, training, experiences and interest in dermatology ...

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