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Occupational Medicine


What is Occupational Medicine?

It is the prevention and/ or management of conditions/ diseases that can arise and or affect workers during  their work.


How and who can benefit from it?


1. Workers:


  • Avoid complications such as wounds infection, ugly scars through prompt access to our services...


  • Prevent complications by matching suitable worker to an appropriate job based on work demand and workers’ health.


  • Avoid loss of income: rather than being withdrawn from work place, we will design a suitable accommodation such as a progressive return to work; or we will advocate for you to be rotated to a different suitable department in connection with the employer.


  • Increase access to care: regardless of the worker having or not a family doctor, or in case of the family doctor not available or simply not dealing with injuries, we will attend to you, make follow ups, fill all the forms, make referrals if needed, design a return to work plan, advocate for accommodation until discharge.



Please note we will not keep you as our patient for other unrelated non-injury care.

2. Employers:


  • Increased productivity:" Healthy employees = Hefty company"


  • Increased efficiency: accommodation of workers to suit work demand.


  • Decreased loss of hours/ days of work through our prompt services.


  • Compliance with BC regulations to avoid fines.


  • Minimize claim of injuries on duties and unnecessary worker’s compensation by detecting pre existing conditions ( through our pre employment and periodic health assessments).

Open Weekdays: 9am- 5pm

Saturday: 9am - 1:30pm

Wednesday: Closed

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