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Our Treatment Services


MEDILINK offers physiotherapy assessment and treatment to help individuals with a variety of conditions to improve their physical function following injury, illness or ageing.



What is kinesiology?

A kinesiologist is someone who studies the movement of the human body and applies that study to either educational or medical purposes.


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MEDILINK offers the following types of massages:

- Deep tissue massage

- Relaxation

- Sport massage

- Prenatal & Post natal massage



These are our areas of expertise:

  • Family counselling

  • Marriage/ relationship counselling

  • Parenting counselling

  • End of life counselling

  • Grief and loss counselling



Simply put, it is an assessment and care of your feet done by a professionally trained and certified nurse.​​

Our Services include 

  • Feet assessment

  • Feet Cleansing


​It is the prevention and/ or management of conditions/ diseases that can arise and / or affect workers during their work.

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