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Nursing Foot Care


What is Nursing Foot Care?

Simply put, it is an assessment and care of your feet done by a professionally trained and certified nurse.

Many people experience painful foot conditions which need professional and regular nursing foot care to evade further complications.

Our Services include 

  • Feet assessment

  • Feet Cleansing

  • Nails Care

  • Corns & Callouses Treatment

  • Warts Treatment

  • Bunion Management

  • In-Grown Toe Nails Management

  • Feet Moisturization

  • Feet Wound Care

  • Education of Self Footcare

Who Needs Foot Care?

  • Diabetic People

  • Seniors

  • Immobile people

  • Those with impaired vision, and coordination

  • Athletes

  • Bunions sufferers

  • Arthritis sufferers

  • Children

  • Expecting mothers

  • Ingrown nails sufferers

  • Plantar fasciitis sufferers

  • Anyone who cannot take care of their own feet, or anyone willing to have foot care



Q. What is the difference between pedicure, podiatry, foot massage and nursing footcare?

A. Analogous to manicure ( for the hands), pedicure is a cosmetic ( superficial) treatment of the feet and toenails performed by non-registered personnel to improve their appearance. 

It is usually practiced on women for beauty purposes, and it is not a medical act. 


Podiatry, or podiatric medicine, also known as chiropody, is a branch of medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the foot, and ankle. 

It is a more advanced medical science, sometimes accompanied by surgery; delivered by a doctor of podiatric medicine commonly known as Podiatrist.


Feet massage is just massage of the feet, usually done with hands and fingers by massage therapists in order to increase blood circulation, alleviate pain and provide general well-being.


Footcare is a specialized, in depth medical assessment and treatment of the feet conditions done by registered and specialized nurses using non-invasive methods.


Q. Who performs Footcare?

A. Footcare Nurse is a registered ( RN) nurse or a licensed practical nurse ( LPN) that has taken specialized training in footcare. 

They work along with a team of health care professionals such as family doctors, diabetic clinics, podiatrists, and others to keep a person mobile and decrease the risk of developing foot complications. 


Q. What to expect before the session?

A. The MEDILINK administration will remind you about your appointment 1-2 days before. You will receive as well an automatic sms reminder on the eve of your appointment.

On the day of your appointment , please arrive 5-10 min before your booked time and report directly to our front desk. Our MOA will welcome you and verify your modality of payment, then you will be introduced to the Footcare nurse who will make you sign the consent. 


Q. What to expect during the session?

A. Your Footcare Nurse will assess your feet and your lower extremity for circulation, sensation, swelling and other skin conditions.

They will diagnose and treat nail and foot conditions, will provide teaching on prevention in order to stay healthy including referral to another suitable provider.


All of these procedures are non-invasive strategies and interventions, meaning there is no cutting on your skin and no blood will be released.


Prior to treatment your skin is softened with an antibacterial solution in order to remove dry and dead skin, shaping, buffing the toenails…


Q. What are common Footcare procedures?

A. These are: in-depth feet assessment ( circulation, sensation…), short-term interventions to address complex conditions of the foot caused for instance by deformities, 

neurological and circulatory problems and infections; non-invasive cutting and filing of toenails, non-invasive filing to reduce calluses, corns and hypertrophic nails, packing of involuted nails, moisturizing to help reduce hyperkeratotic skin and corrective foot health education.


Q. Which types of instruments are used in Footcare ? 

A. Unlike pedicure that uses water to clean the feet, Footcare is a “dry” procedure using fully sterilized, (Autoclave) instruments that are sealed, packaged and unique to each individual. An electric power tool can be used to file stubborn or hard skin disorders.


Q . Where is Footcare practiced?

A. Most patients come to our clinic in North Delta. However MEDILINK Foot care has a mobile clinic in order to accommodate clients with reduced mobility. 

In this case, our Nurses can meet you in your home, or in your Long Term Care (LTC) facility. 

A pre booking arrangement is required.


Q. How is Nursing Footcare funded in BC, Canada ? 

Many health insurance plans, except MSP, will pay for your footcare. 

Canadian Veterans, retired members of the RCMP, current members of the CAF or the RCMP and their family members,… are fully covered under Veterans Affaires Canada ( VAC)


For cash paying clients, these medical expenses can be tax deductible if the receipts have the licenses and Nurse’s registration. 

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Open Weekdays: 9am- 5pm

Saturday: 9am - 1:30pm

Wednesday: Closed

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