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Our Services

MEDILINK offers the following types of massages:

- Deep tissue massage

- Relaxation

- Sport massage

- Prenatal massage

- Post natal massage

- Feet massage

- Head Massage

- Honey massage


Deep Tissue massage

Offers both physical and psychological benefits. It can relieve muscle pain and stiffness and provide stress-relieving relaxation for the body and mind.


Foot Massage

Relaxes the whole body, helping you to sleep better,

and leaving you with a rejuvenated energy to bring to your day.



Head Massage

Relieves from headaches, migraine, sinus pain, eyestrain, and insomnia.


Honey Massage

Is a unique treatment with anti cellulite skin benefit and one of the most effective ingredients in combating cellulite. Also beneficial for back pain.

Open on

Monday: 9pm - 7pm

Tuesday: Close

Wednesday: 9am - 2pm

Thursday: Close

Friday: 9pm- 7pm

Saturday: 9am -  2pm

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