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Occupational Medicine 

Doctor's Visit

Periodic medical exams

Our motto at Medilink Occupational medicine department is:

" Healthy workers = Healthy Company"

Employers have the duty to keep employees in good health. One of the means to attain this is by providing a periodic medical exam.

Based on the risks to which the employee is exposed to and taking into account the employee's baseline health, we will work collaboratively to determine the nature and frequency of this important health exam.

This exam can take form of a targeted and orientated interview based on the individual job demand and personal health, followed by certain paraclinical investigations such as

. blood work

. urine tests



For those tests not performed at our level, the employee will be referred to a suitable provider.

At the end of the test , a medical report will be issued to the worker with copy to the employer (with employee's consent to be part of the employer medical folder)

Please be informed that appointment will be required for this service.

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