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Occupational Medicine

Medical Record Analysis
Pre employment Medical Exams

Important to establish baseline health of the employee, both beneficial for employer and employee.

Determine suitability for the job, matching good job ...

Periodic Medical Exams

Our motto at Medilink Occupational medicine department is:

" Healthy workers = Healthy Company"

Employers have the duty to keep employees in good health. One of the means to attain this is by providing a periodic medical exam.

Blood Pressure
Drivers' Medical Exams

  • Yellow Form

  • Purple Form

Leg Injury
IME: Indépendant Medical Examinations
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ICBC Cases
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WCB Cases (injuries at work) / Injury on duty management
  • Management of soft tissue injuries

  • Suturing follow up

  • Follow up

  • Forms filling - Communication with WCB

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