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Occupational Medicine

Leg Injury

Injury on duty management

Multidi......  conform with the law.

Be it acute or follow up, we offer our services in conformity with work safe by laws to protect both workers and employers

Avoid long wait in Emergency Department.

We offer our services independently  to those who don't have family doctors or in case the family doctor not taking WCB cases, you will be prioritized with same day appointment.

Minimize complications such as wound infection, bad scaring.........

Communication with WCB by filing all necessary forms, including leave of absence.

Referral to other providers (if necessary) such as physiotherapy, occupational therapist,               massage therapist.

Follow up of visits until ready for work again and discharge to the employee's FP

Increased efficiency by offering accommodation of PRW ( progressive return to work) play in accordance with the available duty offered by the employer.

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Open Weekdays: 9am- 5pm

Saturday: 9am - 1:30pm

Wednesday: Closed

alternative week



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